Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bits 'n Pieces

I have a proper blog post on the go, but I want to take my time on it, which means that it'll probably take a few days. In the meantime then, here are a few random thoughts plucked from my brain:

- The 600th issue of Amazing Spider-Man hit last week, and it's a perfect example of why the series is so good. 104 pages with the only adverts on either side of the covers, it features a 60-page lead story and more backups than you can shake a stick at. Plus it has a reference to the Family Guy 'everybody gets one' joke, and a one-page bit with Spider-Man saying 'Open fire, men! Open fire on those awful hippies! They're destroying our values!' What more do you want? :D

- It's slightly depressing how little TV I watch these days. The only thing I make a point of watching on the actual TV is You Have Been Watching, ironically a program about what else is on TV. Other than that and The Daily Show (which I really should watch more), there's really nothing that pulls me. There's a few American shows which I keep meaning to catch up on (House, Chuck, 24, erm... some stuff that slips my mind), but where's all the good British stuff? Surely there's some good homegrown stuff out there amid all the reality TV and lowest common denominator shit?

- Moving to a new room and relocating all of my books has made it clear just how many comics I've bought in the past three years. It's a lot. I've slowed down on buying collected editions, but that's been compensated for by an increase in single issues. My collection is at the size now that I should be able to sort through it and find some stuff that I could get rid of, but all that accomplishes is making me want to read it all again. If I ever go missing, just look under the massive pile of X-Men comics. I'll be there, choking on issue 38 of X-Factor.

- If you want to have some idea of what it's like to be me right now (and who wouldn't? :P), imagine this in your right ear constantly, blocking out anything else: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Fun, huh?


  1. What Family Guy joke is that?

    Did you get your ear sorted out? I hope it clears up soon, I can't imagine how annoying that is.

  2. Don't be depressed about the lack of TV. This is actually good, because a] it means the box is OFF most of the time and you can get on with something productive, and b] when something does come along that's worth watching, you really appreciate it.

    But where's Castle and Warehouse 13 in your list of US shows? For shame!

  3. This is the Family Guy joke:


    Spider-Man says the line in the issue after saving someone from a fall.

    I went to see the doctor about my ear yesterday, and he said to use the remover stuff I got for a while longer. If that doesn't work it'll have to be syringed.

    Not watching TV is obviously a good thing, but my point is that good stuff just doesn't come along that often anymore, particularly good stuff made over here. Maybe I'm missing a bunch of stuff, but there seems to be a distinct lack of good British shows of late. It feels like we're mainly interested in making bland, generic mass appeal stuff, which is a real shame.

    Castle is the thing that slipped my mind ;). I haven't heard much about Warehouse 13, might have to give it a look.